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Integration of ImageLinks RasterWare Technology with EarthWhere data management system

Storage Area Networks and ImageLinks, have announced a strategic agreement to deliver ImageLinks RasterWare™ spatial information processing engine within the SANz EarthWhere™ family of geospatial data management products. RasterWare provides a fully scalable, server-based spatial data processing environment controlled by the end user through a web browser. The integration of RasterWare provides end users with “point and click” processing and delivery of custom spatial products from the EarthWhere archive directly to the end user’s desktop.

As spatial information becomes more prevalent in corporate computing environments, end users will require more immediate access to their information. The integration of the RasterWare spatial processing technology with EarthWhere’s data management system creates a comprehensive solution for organizations challenged with supporting a wide variety of custom data requirements. By managing an archive of frequently used “source” data and providing the tools to develop custom datasets on the fly, EarthWhere can support the diverse data requirements of a wide range of enterprise environments.

“The goal of the EarthWhere product family has always been based on the ability to deliver an ‘end to end solution’ for enterprises that use spatial imagery. The addition of ImageLinks RasterWare provides our customers with an integrated environment for the management, delivery, and now custom processing of geospatial datasets,” said Mark Hardy, Director of
Geospatial Products and Services for SANZ. “In traditional environments, users may wait
weeks to receive properly processed data to fulfill their specific spatial information requirements. The integration of ImageLinks RasterWare allows end users to build custom products on the fly and more aggressively leverage their EarthWhere archive of source data. This offers a tremendous boost in productivity and dramatically improves our customer’s return on their data investment.”

SANz plans to unveil the new offering at the upcoming FIG 2002 conference in Washington, DC.