‘Integration of BIM and GIS is the future’

‘Integration of BIM and GIS is the future’


New Delhi, India: The technical session on ‘Build and operate’ at Geobuild Infrastructure Conference 2013 highlighted post construction operations and management of the infrastructure by operators and owners. Sanjeev Trehan, Regional Manager, SAARC, Geospatial Division at Trimble Navigation India highlighted how their company is transforming the industry as a whole. He talked about a host of Trimble products and solutions for the infrastructure industry. “3D element will change the AEC market,” he said. He explained how ‘Trimble Connected Community’, an online information and project management system, can connect everyone on the job – from the owner to the operator.

Dr. Anirudh Kale, Vice President – GIS & MIS, Lavasa Corporation explained how Lavasa project benefitted tremendously from GIS and BIM technology. “GIS has helped Lavasa in developing thematic maps for city management, land base information system, infrastructure system, land use change detection system, road networks etc.”, he said.

Sthaladipti Saha, Head – EDRC, Commercial Buildings & Airports SBG, Buildings & Factories IC, ECC, L&T talked about the importance of BIM and GIS in construction industry. He explained how digital modeling was able to reduce the material cost for the Shanghai Power project.

Swaraj Datta Gupta, Independent BIM Consultant, (Former Head – Construction Engineering Services – L&T) gave a presentation on ‘Building a nation with BIM’. He highlighted how productivity of construction industry has gone down and how BIM can resolve this. “Around 30% of cost of construction is wasted due to coordination errors, material wasted and labour inefficiency,” he said. BIM can help in reducing these costs. He further said, “90% of resource conflict during construction cycle can be resolved through BIM.”

Source: Our Correspondent