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Integrated system for geospatial intelligence analysts to handle data

US: An integrated system combining advanced analytics and data storage in a cloud infrastructure is now available for geospatial intelligence analysts, who often are under pressure to derive value from vast amounts of data.

The analytic cloud-based system integrates NetApp data storage technology and Data Tactic Corporation’s knowledge in data architecture and management. Data Tactics is an enterprise data management service provider whose engineers have developed advanced analytics tools for data extraction, resolution and link analysis as well as artifact-based search and geospatial capabilities.

NetApp has been offering big data solutions that have been effective for both geospatial and analytic workloads. However, this joint solution offered both at the same time, which was particularly important in intelligence and national security but was also applicable to the commercial and financial sectors, said Mark Weber, president of NetApp’s US public sector organisation.

“Some of the big opportunities are in the geospatial environment. There are a lot of agencies that have geospatial opportunities, but it will clearly play in other places that have large data,” Weber said.

Agencies need tools for storage management, but also need applications that can consume, combine and analyse unstructured and structured data. Typical agencies would have to buy the storage technology and the analytics tools and try to piece them together, Weber said.

“We’ve done the integration with Data Tactics to tackle and analyse big data. We have done the testing and validated it for them,” he said.

Big Data, cloud and video are driving increased demand for storage among federal agencies, according to a recent study conducted by GovWin Consulting.

And other companies are offering systems to help agencies tackle the analysis, processing and storage of big data. For instance, Data Networks and YottaStor are offering an integrated system that combines cloud and big data storage along with mobile computing for government agencies that need to capture, store, process and distribute massive volumes of intelligence and surveillance sensor data. The system integrates DataDirect Networks’ Web Object Scaler cloud storage appliance with YottaStor’s mobile computing and big data storage system called YottaDrive.

Source: GCN