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Integrated GIS for the Geosciences

Datacode Computer System, an organization committed toward providing Global Solutions for Local Needs, has been recently appointed as authorized distributors for Encom Technology Pty. Ltd. Encom Technology is a leading innovator and major supplier of specialist software and services to the petroleum and mineral exploration industries. Since 1984, Encom has been providing software tools and services to assist in the interpretation, processing and enhancement of exploration data. Indian users can now procure their software in Indian rupees through Datacode who will support and provide training on all their products. Encom ModelVision, EM Flow, EM Vision and Noddy have been established products in use in geophysics for more than a decade. More than 1500 licenses of Encom Discover are in use around the world and more than 100 companies subscribe to the Encom GPINFO service. In recent times, innovative research into modeling and interpretation techniques has underpinned the development of two new expert systems, Encom Profile Analyst and Encom Quick Mag. Encom’s Data Services division is the Australian market leader in the recovery, duplication and archiving of data stored on tape, with special expertise in the handling of seismic and exploration data.

Encom Discover

Encom Discover 5.0 is a desktop GIS designed especially for the geosciences. To exploration geologists, a copy of Encom Discover is now as essential a tool as a hammer, hand lens or compass. It offers a range of advanced tools to streamline geological mapping, such as scaled output and in-built geological color, linework and symbol libraries. This makes it easy to create high quality geological maps quickly and accurately. It is possible to visualize gridded data, drillhole data and numerical attribute data, while advanced table and data editing utilities make it possible to search, sort and manage datasets interactively. Map linking synchronises the views in selected mappers so that pan or zoom changes made in one map window, are applied to all other linked mappers. It is possible to effectively compile drillhole cross-sections and plans, visualize, analyze and map spatial geoscience data. It also maintains and manages metadata for spatial databases. The Section Manager provides the ability to open and close existing drill sections as well as to add and delete sections from an active project. Links between downhole data tables and drill sections are restored when sections are re-opened. The file path and project name of a previously defined project can now be modified via the Section Manager. Create graphs with maintained spatial link, create, and manipulate, contour and profile gridded surfaces. The gridding tool provides very fast gridding of point data. This includes a real-time preview and optimal algorithm and gridding parameter selection based upon the geometry of the input data. Previews show before and after views that can be zoomed and panned. The module is supplied with a basic set of filters, multiple filters can be applied at once and filters can be created and saved for later use. Since its release in 1994, Encom Discover is add on to MapInfo Professional (Version 5.0 and above) and offers a wide range of features customized for geoscience applications. It has thus become the GIS of choice for geologists, environmental scientists, cartographers, exploration managers and database administrators.

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