‘Integrate RS technology with agriculture’

‘Integrate RS technology with agriculture’


Ahmedabad, India: It is time to integrate remote sensing (RS) technology with agriculture on a major scale. Remote sensing, geographical positioning and information systems of collecting real-time data for ensuring correct agricultural estimates are essential for better economic planning, according to professor UR Rao, former chairman of the space commission.

Rao is also part of the 12 member committee of Union ministry of agriculture to review present schemes of timely reporting scheme (TRS), establishment of an Agency for Reporting of Agricultural Statistics (EARAS) and improvement of crop statistics (ICS) for improving agricultural statistics.

Rao was speaking on the sidelines of the two-day international workshop on Advances in planetary atmospheres and exploration’ at Physical Research Laboratory (PRL). Further, he said, “The economic planning done on the basis of agricultural statistics which is mostly derived at from traditional methods is dangerous. The present estimate of agricultural produce done in the country is flawed, based on time-consuming obsolete systems of annawari, paisawari, girdwari (field-to-field survey) and crop-cutting experiments.”

The committee aims at improving agricultural statistics and to examining use of remote sensing applications in agricultural statistics. Rao added, “Majority of agricultural universities in the country do not teach remote sensing. The agriculture department should make wide use of the technology.”

Source: Times of India