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Integeo now accessible for Qlikview users

Singapore: Integeo Map Intelligence now allows Qlikview users to integrate maps and GIS functions into their business intelligence environment.

QlikView provides users access to visually rich, interactive dashboards that can be built quickly and modify easily. Users can engage their data with speed, resulting in more informed, proactive decisions. On the other hand, Integeo complements and adds the location dimension to QlikView business intelligence, also with speed, by providing a dynamic, browser-based map visualisation – without programming. One doesn’t have to be an expert in GIS. GIS software from Pitney Bowes (Mapinfo), OGC’s Geoserver and including Google Maps and Google Earth can now be used by users to leverage the QlikView business intelligence environment.

Integeo developed Map Intelligence, a better decision-making tool with fully integrated location and business intelligence functions. Through Map Intelligence, Integeo has put the power of dynamic browser-based mapping applications in the hands of decision makers, without requiring them to write a single line of code.

Source: openPR and Integeo SE