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Integeo announces support for Cognos 8.4

22 December 2008, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Australian geospatial business intelligence pioneer Integeo has announced the latest upgrade to its spatial hub, Map Intelligence. Release 3.1 is fully integrated with the recently released Cognos 8.4. This latest integration enables Cognos report designers to easily include the location dimension from within the Cognos environment.

Integeo CEO Peter Rossiter says the spatial hub opens up a rich spatial analytics functionality to report consumers. “The map visualisations are configured in the same no-programming way in which Cognos designers are used to developing their reports,” Mr Rossiter said.

“Integeo is excited about this significant advance in the capabilities of Map Intelligence, increasing the dynamic information content of Cognos reports to enable better business decisions.” “Cognos users will easily embed sophisticated location intelligence – maps, building plans, and other visualizations – into their reports, without ever leaving their familiar Cognos environment,” Mr Rossiter added.