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Insurance fraternity recognises GfK GeoMarketing’s services

UK: GfK GeoMarketing, a map data provider, was honoured as the “Professional Service Provider of the Year” at the Worldwide Reinsurance Awards in London. The selection committee praised the quality of GfK GeoMarketing’s maps and stressed the importance of a reliable cartographic basis for the reinsurance branch, which currently faces significant challenges as a result of the many severe natural catastrophes in 2011.

Doris Steffen, GfK GeoMarketing consultant, said, “Our worldwide maps and geodata have served as an indispensable basis of analysis for many years now. These products comprise a reliable foundation for carrying out regional risk modelling and reporting losses related to insured objects. We have some particular highlights to offer the reinsurance branch in 2011, including a completely overhauled World Map Edition with new maps for all of Asia, Africa and South America. We’re also releasing a fully updated and expanded Europe Map Edition at the beginning of October. All of our maps are specifically designed to support usages in the reinsurance industry, with trademark features such as precisely rendered coastlines that allow for error-free visualization of insured objects such as buildings or industrial complexes located in these particularly at-risk areas.”

GfK GeoMarketing offers the one of the world’s largest collection of digital maps of municipal and postal boundaries, with coverage of more than 240 countries. The company is also the official supplier of the CRESTA maps, which serve as the cartographic basis of planning in the reinsurance industry.

GfK GeoMarketing produces all of its own maps via a team of in-house cartographers. Features of GfK GeoMarketing’s maps include comprehensive coverage, seamlessly fitting and overlap-free boundaries, national and local place-name attributions and infinite zoom capability.

The maps are available in all standard data formats, including *.shp (ESRI), *.mid/*.mif (MapInfo), *.gdb (GeoDatabase), *.lay (GfK GeoMarketing) as well as the Oracle (Spatial) database format for use in Oracle Business Intelligence applications.

In addition to serving as a tool for evaluating risk in the insurance and reinsurance industries, the maps also support a full-range of spatial analyses, from marketing and sales territory planning to logistics and expansion planning.

Source: GfK GeoMarketing