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Insurance carriers using Pictometry images

Rochester, NY, USA–Pictometry International Corp. has signed an agreement with ten national insurance carriers for aerial oblique imagery. Under terms of the agreement, the insurance provider’s claims professionals will have online access to Pictometry’s extensive and up-to-date national library of aerial oblique images. Similar contracts are also in place with two other carriers.

As the provider of oblique visual information to government and emergency response professionals, Pictometry’s professional grade imagery is 3D-like, with high resolution clarity. The imagery is captured at an angle, and from multiple views using Pictometry’s proprietary image capture process. The resulting digital imagery is geo-referenced to enable users to measure property features directly on imagery using an array of measuring tools for area, distance, height, elevation and more.

Pictometry’s extensive and continually updated image library currently contains coverage of more than 70% if the populated U.S. including major market regions.