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INSPIRE and Geospatial World Forum to be jointly organised in 2015

Denmark: Global geospatial community will be treated to possibly the biggest geospatial gathering next year when INSPIRE and Geospatial World Forum converge. The announcement was made at INSPIRE 2014 conference in Aalborg, Denmark.

Geospatial World Forum 2015 and INSPIRE 2015 conferences will be held together

The European INSPIRE conference is held annually to provide a forum for stakeholders from government, academia and industry to hear about and discuss the latest developments of the INSPIRE Directive and national SDIs. Geospatial World Forum, on the other hand, is well known for its high level discussions connecting geospatial community from across industries featuring worldwide use cases and state-of-the-art technology showcase.

“The 2015 Geospatial World Forum – INSPIRE conference offers a stage for stakeholders, governments and businesses to discuss and develop synergies between the rapidly converging geospatial technologies and ‘good governance’ institutional, legal and common framework initiatives,” said Hugo De Groof, Directorate-General Environment – Governance, Information & Reporting Unit, European Commission.

“This partnership intends to facilitate and harness the value of geospatial towards improved living standard by converging policies, practices and people. Through combined efforts, both INSPIRE and Geospatial World Forum can create a strong case for Public-Private Partnership initiative, and serve as an excellent communication and outreach platform for INSPIRE not only at regional but global level as well,” added Sanjay Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of Geospatial Media and Communications, the organizer of Geospatial World Forum.

The joint conference will carry the theme CONVERGENCE: Policies + Practices + People via PPP, which aim to address the need for greater coordination among policy-makers, technology providers and users to benefit the industry, and to highlight geospatial workflows as an enabler for successful PPPs by facilitating more informed decision making among the stakeholders.

The 1st Programme Advisory Board meeting was also held in Aalborg, chaired by Hugo De Groof and was attended by 15 board members representing policy-makers, users, academics and the industry.

INSPIRE and Geospatial World Forum 2015 is scheduled on 24-29 May 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal, in coordination with the local host Directorate General of Territorial Development of Portugal. More information and updates are available at www.geospatialworldforum.org.

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