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Inpixon’s Indoor Mapping Platform Selected for Patient Wayfinding

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Inpixon has announced its indoor mapping solution has been selected by a leading mental healthcare facility in North America. Utilizing Inpixon’s indoor mapping platform, Jibestream, the solution is expected to allow patients to effectively search for and navigate to specific locations, such as reception areas, doctor and therapist offices, and testing areas and clinics, within the hospital’s multi-building complex.

The U.S. healthcare market loses approximately $150 billion per year from missed medical appointments1, due in part to the difficulty some patients face navigating complex buildings. Inpixon’s indoor mapping and location platform is designed to empower users to create map-enabled solutions that enable patients to easily locate and navigate to destinations within the hospital complex, in turn, reducing missed or late appointments, as well as enhancing the patient experience. This user plans to implement the Inpixon mapping and location platform within its app-based solution in a manner that will, in addition to the benefits outlined above, also address regulations and requirements for those with disabilities by providing patients a filter to navigate a path that is handicap accessible.

Soumya Das, Chief Operating Officer, commented, “We were chosen by this mental healthcare facility as their indoor mapping solution following extensive due diligence, highlighting our industry leadership as well as our user-friendly interface and platform flexibility giving users the control to create tailored solutions that meet their unique needs. Our platform provides these patients an easy and accessible way to effortlessly locate specific locations. Our indoor mapping platform is highly scalable allowing the hospital to address additional use cases as needed. We are excited to be a part of this important project and look forward to building upon the relationship, as well as introducing our platform to similar facilities across North America.”