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Inpixon acquires portfolio of GPS technologies to bridge positioning gap

USA: Inpixon has announced it has completed the acquisition and licensing of a broad portfolio of global positioning system (GPS) assets and intellectual property from GTX Corp located in Los Angeles CA, previously announced on May 28, 2019. 

The transaction will allow Inpixon to expand the breadth of available solutions it can offer to enterprise and government customers and includes an anticipated $1 million plus customer pipeline with schools and government agencies, in addition, to the following assets:

  • Patents and Licenses: An intellectual property portfolio that includes a registered patent, along with more than twenty pending patent applications or licenses to registered patents or pending applications relating to GPS technologies.
  • Smart School Safety Network: Design documentation comprised of hardware schematics, design files, data flow and architecture documentation for detecting wireless signals emitted from students’ wireless devices (ID badges, wrist-based devices, etc.) to assist staff and first responders with campus safety and security.
  • GPS tracking technology including a smartphone app and device monitoring portal: Will allow for monitoring the location of GPS devices in near-real-time and provide the ability to set up geofencing, get alerts and SOS’s, analyze reports.
  • Ground Personnel Safety System (GPSS): Certain hardware, software and design documentation for a private, hybrid GPS + RF (900MHz), 256-bit AES-encrypted wide area network (WAN) to track personnel, vehicle and assets for ground situational awareness and real-time surveillance.
  • GPS-device-to-rifle attachment hardware design: Design of the hardware that enables a GPS tracking device to be attached to a rifle via the Picatinny rail system for accountability, awareness, progress monitoring and safety.

“By leveraging our GPS technologies, radio frequency (RF) expertise, artificial intelligence and patented algorithms, we will be able to merge indoor and outdoor positioning data into a single user interface, with the ability to seamlessly locate persons or assets as they travel between the indoor and outdoor,” said Nadir Ali, CEO of Inpixon. “This is especially important in smart cities, large properties, and campus settings including enterprises, hospitals, mass transit, government facilities and schools.”

“Inpixon’s acquisition of the complete design and intellectual property portfolio underlying the Smart School Safety Network solution allows us to directly partner with educators to help make schools a safer place for students, faculty and administrators. Our planned school safety solution will detect the presence of campus trespassers, disseminate messages related to an impending or existing emergency, locate students in need, and enable first responders to navigate from outdoor-to-indoor, right to the incident. We’re currently proposing systems to a number of schools within and outside of the U.S., in an effort to increase security and safety within educational institutions.”