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INPHO launches version 5.0 of MATCH-AT, MATCH-T, DTMaster and OrthoMaster

Stuttgart, Germany, 20 October 2006 – INPHO, an end-to-end photogrammetric systems supplier, has announced a major software launch of its photogrammetric system. The new versions MATCH-AT 5.0, MATCH-T 5.0, DTMaster 5.0 and OrthoMaster 5.0 have been released at one time.

Like the previous versions, the new versions 5.0 can be used as flexible standalone tools, which fit into any photogrammetric production workflow. ApplicationsMaster 5.0 is a new module, which serves as a common core module and a front end for all the V5.0 software products. A new INPHO project file V5 has been introduced, too. The V5.0 products are now sharing a common project file containing all project related parameters, including cameras. New additional data types of the project file V5.0 are orthophotos, RPC coefficients of satellite images, definition of 3-line type sensors, DTM parameters, and datum and projection related parameters.

Highlights of the versions 5.0 are:

– MATCH-AT 5.0
MATCH-AT has been further enhanced regarding matching strategies for imagery of digital frame cameras. New tie point patterns and new tie point density options are now considered for getting an optimal tie point coverage per image. Further, images with very large overlap (> 90%) are now handled effectively by avoiding tie points with unsuitable intersection angles.

The Self-Calibration functionality has been enhanced to compensate for systematic errors in follow-up applications. A correction grid is computed and stored along with the relevant camera parameters. All photogrammetric applications from INPHO consider the correction grid for compensating distortions detected by self-calibration. Especially with digital aerial cameras a proper correction of these distortions is important, as they can cause considerable height errors, for instance.

– MATCH-T 5.0
MATCH-T now comes with a multi-image matching strategy resulting in even better DTM derivation than in previous versions. Auto-selection of optimal ray intersections and best overlap situations along with a weighted matching approach result in faster processing times and better quality of extracted points, also across the flight direction.
MATCH-T now derives DTMs from satellite images that are supported by ApplicationsMaster.

– DTMaster 5.0
Advanced Local Filtering functionality has been added for automatic filtering of local areas in LIDAR or MATCH-T data. Three major categories are separated from the ground points: points on vegetation, points on buildings, and gross errors. Anaglyph stereo mode can now be activated if there is no stereo capable graphics board available.
DTMaster now derives DTM data from satellite images that are supported by ApplicationsMaster.

– OrthoMaster 5.0
OrthoMaster now offers rigorous orthorectification of single satellite images that are supported by ApplicationsMaster. The exterior orientation is computed by using the given orbital information of satellites along with generating RPCs (Rational Polynomial Coefficients). By control point measurement in the image orientation tool of ApplicationsMaster it is now also possible to improve the quality of RPCs delivered by satellite image vendors.

In addition to the hybrid raster DTM, the built-in terrain modeling module now supports also TIN based DTM interpolation. This method is recommended for data sets with incomplete break line definition. Control points can now be superimposed on the orthophotos for checking the geometric quality..

The new version 5.0 of MATCH-AT, MATCH-T, DTMaster, OrthoMaster and ApplicationsMaster can be downloaded from website www.inpho.de along with operating manual, sample data and release notes.

Upgrading from any previous version of MATCH-AT, MATCH-T, DTMaster or OrthoMaster requires a new licensing file that will be sent automatically to all clients having a valid maintenance contract.

– About INPHO
INPHO, based in Stuttgart, Germany, is an end-to-end photogrammetric systems supplier. INPHO’s portfolio covers the entire workflow of photogrammetric projects, including aerial triangulation, stereo compilation, terrain modeling, orthophoto production and image capture. In addition, INPHO offers innovative software solutions for processing digital terrain models, including advanced filtering and editing of LIDAR data.