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Inovacar project will support Rural Environmental Registry on Amazon

The non-governmental organization International Conservation Brazil (CI-Brazil) has just launched Inovacar, a project created to support states and municipalities in Amazon on implementing the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR). The Inovacar will monitor the cadastre of rural properties in nine states of the Legal Amazon and will generate data to governments, researchers and civil society. Information is available on site www.inovacar.org.br.

Introduced by the new Forest Code, the CAR brought it as mandatory for all 5.6 million rural properties of Brazil to be register in the Rural Environmental Registry National System (SiCAR). Once the federal government edit a normative act, it will start counting the period of two years for the property to be registered.

The support to states and municipalities will occur through seminars where Amazonian environmental agencies and civil society can be benefited from the collective experience and other success initiatives. According to the consultant of CI-Brazil, Mauro Pires, the first workshop will take place in May in Belém (PA), and will discuss the CAR implementation. The idea is to jointly assemble strategies for overcoming the gaps on infrastructure, workforce and technology necessary for cadastre.

According to the consultant, this first stage comprises the Amazon because is one of the most critical areas for deforestation, but the next step is to proceed with the project in other biomes.

Source: Geodireito / Jornal do Brasil