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Innogistic Cartology supports ECW for Earth Resource Mapping

Earth Resource Mapping announced that Innogistic Software, a leading Geographical Information Services (GIS) and Spatial Information Management consultancy company, have added native Enhanced Compressed Wavelet (ECW) support into their software product – Innogistic Cartology v4.1.

Users of Innogistic Cartology v4.1 can now read ECW files whilst working in the Innogistic environment. ECW compression has become a standard within the geospatial industry due to its ability to compress images with higher quality and in less time than other methods. Many ECW files can be viewed in Cartology and traditionally are used as image backdrops for vector overlays. Innogistic Cartology incorporates all the tried and trusted functionality our users have enjoyed plus multiple project views, concurrent editing of overlays, data libraries, multiple gazetteers and much more. Built entirely from true ActiveX components it offers seamless integration with other applications as well as providing a flexible platform for use on stand-alone systems, networked systems and Intranet/Internet environments.