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Injury maps released by Center for Disease Control and Prevention

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Injury Center used mapping technology to create Injury Maps, an interactive Web-based mapping application of injury-related mortality in the United States. Located at , the location-based technology gives users the ability to create customized, interactive online maps that can be used by a range of organizations and individuals such as other federal agencies, state and local health departments, policy makers, research institutions, and students.

The Injury Maps rely on Troy, N.Y.-based MapInfo Corp.’s MapInfo MapXtreme to display state and national geographic patterns in injury deaths. Users can select specific parameters to create maps that suit their needs. For example, a health worker can use Injury Maps to create state or county maps that depict death rates from several broad categories of injuries as well as create maps of a specific injury cause and compare them to state and national death rates. A Web-based mapping application such as Injury Maps is an effective tool for public health officials to sort and analyze information when making important decisions about education and prevention programs. Injury Maps includes mortality rates for the years 1989-1998. The data include injuries from drowning, poisoning, motor vehicle accidents, homicide and five other injury causes of death.