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Infrastructure for Spatial data mooted in India

The department of science and technology and the department of space have finalised a proposals for the creation of National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)
to facilitate access to digital spatial information and establish a national repository for national map data.

“The proposal has been circulated among all department and a consensus has been reached. We will be taking it to Cabinet soon to seek government’s approval,” V. S. Ramamurthy, secretary, Department of Science and technology.

The NSDI project which would cost a few crores – would help the government to prepair for the whole country: annual plans, five years perspective, inventory of natural resources and changes and quick assessment of damage during natural calamities. Information bases for infrastructure development – specially roads telecom, water distribution, sewerage management, landuse, environment and costs of project would be developed while geographical information systems would be developed while geographical information systems would be employed to further business opportunities and enable spatial data commerce.

At present map data is already available with some of national agencies. The NSDI would collate all the data, verify it and “certify” it. It would also link information from the Indian Meteorological Department, Department of Ocean Development and non-spatial data from the Bureau of Economics and Statistics, National Council for Applied Economic Research and non-governmental organisations. Further, the NSDI would be “standardising” the information system in order to address development through an updation process, without compromising on security.

As a result all users would have access to content based on NSDI standards (a framework for content, and its exchange and transfer) metadata (of the information available), NSDI Nodes GIS based spatial database for specific domains), NSDI Search and Access Protocol (to enable search and location of spatial information), NSDI Electronic Clearinghouse (a mechanism to provide access to metadata, and actual datasets), NSDI user-interface (a front-end interface for queries), NSDI Outreach and Awareness programme (to increase public and professional use of NSDI services and encourage e-governance concept).

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