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Infoterra to supply Lidar height data to Northumbrian Water

UK, 18 July 2006: Infoterra Ltd, a provider of geographic information products and services, has secured a contract to supply Northumbrian Water with Lidar height data, allowing sophisticated flood modelling and accurate topological analysis to be carried out across the North East of England.

Northumbrian Water will use the Lidar height data to enable highly accurate flood risk models to be generated, which will demonstrate the direction and flow of potential and actual sewer flooding. Lidar height data has a vertical accuracy of +/- 15 cm, offering surveyors and planners valuable information, which is likely to reduce the need for initial ground surveys.

Lidar height data also shows the topography of the land. This, together with detailed knowledge of underground assets, allows Northumbrian Water to create hydraulic models of its underground networks to determine how they react during rainstorm events. Overland flow path are also calculated to determine the route of any flooding caused by overloaded sewers.

Richard Woodhouse, Sewer Flooding Programme Manager for Northumbrian Water comments, “We are constantly looking for the better ways to manage our assets. By using this detailed height data it will allow us to more accurately predict the consequences of the hydraulic performance of our assets, enabling us to identify and plan for any risks.”