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Infoterra supports mapping for Dakar Rally with ERDAS software

23rd December 2008 – Infoterra Ltd is working with Rallymaps, company in map delivery for major car rallies, to improve the efficiency of management and delivery of hundreds of maps for use by the teams in the Dakar Series. Infoterra has supplied ERDAS Image Compressor and ERDAS ER Mapper, which will enable rapid mosaicing production and the compression of gigabytes of information at high speeds without sacrificing resolution.

“Our objective is to deliver mapping data to the rally teams rapidly, allowing them to plan strategies and routes through some of the world’s most demanding terrain – an environment where every second counts,” commented Bobby Willis, Managing Director of Rallymaps. “Previously we have struggled with the huge volume of data, but Infoterra has been able to deliver a solution which will be invaluable.”

“Rallymaps’ use of ECW image compression format is an excellent illustration of how geographic data can be prepared and delivered anywhere,” added Phil Cooper, Software Business Manager for Infoterra Ltd. “Both the Infoterra and ERDAS teams look forward to supporting Rallymaps’ team as they travel the world.”