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Infoterra France reinforces its presence in Asia Pacific region

Toulouse, France, 10 August 2006 – Infoterra France, a provider of geo-information products and services, announced the setting up of a permanent presence in Beijing to support and develop commercial activity throughout Asia Pacific.

Headed by Infoterra’s Asia-Pacific Business Development Manager, Frank Bignone, this team aims to advise and inform current and future clients about Infoterra’s cutting edge multi-sensor data acquisition, processing, analysis and interpreting tools and services. An important effort will be devoted to helping customers develop business from products or services derived from their Infoterra systems, in particular the Pixel Factory, an industrialised processing suite that produces advanced 3D mapping products of unparalleled quality. Infoterra’s team will also prospect commercial opportunities in the region. They hope these actions will forge a stronger cohesion among Infoterra, its clients and partners in Asia Pacific.

With activities in Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, Infoterra’s sales confirm their presence in this region. Just recently, Pixel Factory were sold in Beijing to Catic-Siwei and Beijing Spot Image (BSI).

“By reinforcing our presence in Beijing, we hope to convey to the Asia Pacific market that we are very optimistic about our future in Asia “, said Jean-Michel Darroy, Chief Executive Officer, Infoterra France.” I am convinced that Frank Bignone will immensely aid our current and future clients in Asia with his extensive background and experience” he added.

Infoterra France
Infoterra France is part of the Infoterra Group, which comprises companies in France, Germany and the United Kingdom with over 300 employees. Infoterra France is a wholly owned subsidiary of EADS Astrium.

Infoterra France was created by combining ISTAR, the geospatial product and services innovator and teams from EADS’s Astrium Earth Observation division, the leading specialist for advanced prediction and data interpretation for Agriculture and Risks Management. Their complementary technologies provide a unique set of solutions for a wide variety of applications including GIS, defence and security, telecommunications, risk management, agriculture and the environment. Their data acquisition programme comprises a unique multiple sensor processing chain and a product range featuring true orthophotos and highly detailed 3D models. Infoterra’s state-of-the-art geographic data processing and interpreting tools are widely applied to analyse land use and agricultural land management.