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Infotech to implement GIS technology in NDPL

North Delhi Power (NDPL) has comissioned Infotech Enterprises, India, for implementing GE Smallworld GIS technology within NDPL for GIS mapping of the entire distribution network and provide GIS based solutions for operations resource management.

NDPL has selected the Infotech after an in-depth study of the leading GIS technologies available in the market. Infotech Enterprises will implement the final phase of the GIS initiative at NDPL, which started with a base-line GIS solution nearly two years ago with a view to improve customer service and efficiency in operations.

With the latest implementation, NDPL will become one of the forerunners in Indian power industry, to scale up its GIS implementation at an enterprise wide scale.

The GE Smallworld based solution including design manager, schematic generator and SIAS will be implemented in a seamless manner to enable NDPL plan, design, manage and maintain their distribution system spread over 510 sq kms in a more streamlined manner.

The solution will interface with NDPL’s network analysis system, billing system, ERP system, works management system as well as other enterprise systems. The entire project will be completed in a time frame of 12 months.

The completed GIS solution will not only enable designers plan, design and manage new services and line extensions but also enable 200 web users to have the pulse of the network at their fingertips.