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InfoTech signs agreement with Mapping Solutions to become European distributor of Map-In-A-Box

InfoTech Enterprises Europe has announced that it has signed an agreement with Mapping Solutions of the US, to become the master European distributor of their groundbreaking new technology Map-In-A-Boxä.

The distribution will be handled through InfoTech’s existing European channel business, where products such as Vertical Mapperä and RouteViewä have been successfully supplied to GIS and technology companies across Europe, Africa and the Middle East for several years.

Map-In-A-Boxä seamlessly integrates the wealth of functionality found within Microsoft’s innovative MapPoint software with the full range of features provided by v6 and later of MapInfo Professionalä.

Whilst there are some areas in which the two products overlap, users of either technology will be fully aware that both MapPoint and MapInfo Professionalä products offer facilities not available from the other. MapPoint for example, offers affordable street level data for 13 European countries; meanwhile MapInfo Professionalä allows more in-depth and detailed geographic analysis.

The benefits brought to users of MapInfo Professionalä through Map-In-A-Box include the ability to create catchment travel times and access to a sophisticated geocoding engine. In addition Map-In-A-Boxä offers MapInfo Professionalä users the ability to integrate existing vector layers so as to provide access to a powerful and aesthetically pleasing dataset, which is still able to perform the underlying analytical calculations via the original vector data.

Existing MapPoint users are also set to benefit from the ability to seamlessly integrate MapInfo technology into existing projects. Map-In-A-Box™ will allow those who have reached the end of MapPoint’s analytical capabilities to go further by allowing users to take advantage of the rich thematics provided by MapInfo. The use of Map-In-A-Box™ also facilitates the addition of layers to MapPoint data along with the use of MapInfo’s line, shape and text objects.