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Infotech rebrands its UTG division as N&CE

Hyderabad, India: Infotech Enterprises announced that its existing UTG business is being re-branded as the “Network and Content Engineering” (N&CE) division within Infotech. Infotech started its GIS service offerings way back in 1992, with the ability to handle large and complex geospatial databases, bespoke software development, platform implementation and GIS consultancy. In 2004, the focus shifted to “customer centricity” and this division was named UTG to reflect Infotech’s concentration on three key verticals – Utilities, Telecom and Government.

The current rebranding underlines Infotech’s focus on engineering as the basis to differentiate and enhance its value to the customers and markets. This focus is helping it deliver a broader set of service offerings including Telecom Engineering, OSS, Smart Grid and Meter Data Management services, said the company. Together with Infotech’s core geospatial and IT competencies, these services come under the unified brand of Network Engineering. Gas and Electric utilities as well as wire line and wireless telecommunication companies are the primary markets for these services. This strategic approach simultaneously increases the size of the addressable market while accelerating company’s thrust into engineering related services, added the company.

“The Content Engineering business builds on Infotech’s success in the government and commercial markets. We will continue to address geospatial “content” opportunities in the government and commercial markets. The Content Engineering business will also target select new verticals that offer significant Content Engineering opportunities. All existing customers will be managed by dedicated teams from either the Network Engineering or Content Engineering business unit.

BVR Mohan Reddy, CMD, Infotech Enterprises Ltd. said, “This rebranding reflects a clear strategic direction and focus for our business development and operations to better support our core markets of Utilities and Telecom while also leveraging our focus around Network Engineering and enabling us to create a new focus around Content Engineering”.

John Renard – President N&CE Division, Infotech Enterprises Ltd. said, “With the fundamental changes that have happened in the geospatial market, coupled to our desire to strengthen Infotech’s positioning as a leading engineering services company, the evolution from UTG to N&CE makes a lot of sense. This rebranding will strongly position us as a serious Engineering Services player in our chosen markets and will help us create even greater value for our customers”.

Source: Infotech