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Infotech re-selected for New York

Virginia, USA, June 2006: Infotech Enterprises America, Inc. (formerly VARGIS, LLC) has been re-selected for the New York Statewide Digital Orthoimagery Programme by the Office of Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination (CSCIC). Infotech was awarded the original contract in 2001 and recently completed the last option year of that contract. Infotech was reselected as a result of a competitive solicitation process conducted in the fall of 2005. Mirroring the original contract, this recent award includes two base years, or “annual lots” and three option years.

The main purpose of this ongoing Digital Orthoimagery Program is to provide complete statewide orthoimagery coverage on a phased update cycle to a variety of stakeholders. The orthoimagery will consist of various resolutions from 2-foot pixels in rural areas to 1-foot pixels for urban areas, with options for .5 foot resolution upgrades. The Infotech Team offers the State a variety of technologies, with particular emphasis on ZI DMC digital capture capability provided by 3001, Aerometric and Photo Science.