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Infotech Enterprises America appoints new COO

Sterling, VA, October 2006 – Infotech Enterprises America, Inc., formerly VARGIS, LLC, has announced the appointment of Mr. James Fass as the new Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Fass brings over 22 years of experience with a broad background in the geospatial data services industry. At Infotech, Mr. Fass’s main focus will be developing and sustaining best practices for the delivery of photogrammetric and GIS services.

Prior to joining Infotech, Mr. Fass was the Operations Manager for the Reno, NV office at Michael Baker, Jr., Inc. Mr. Fass is frequently identified as a champion for promoting project management best practices and has designed and implemented may systems for budget and schedule tracking, data acceptance threshold modeling, and team performance metrics.

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Infotech Enterprises America, Inc. (Infotech), a 15-year-old GIS services company formerly known as VARGIS, LLC, is a global geospatial consulting and professional services firm delivering complex geospatial solutions. Infotech’s US headquarters is located at 1700 Iowa Avenue, Riverside, California. For more information, visit www.infotechsw.com.