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Infotech awarded base map & LiDAR project

Sterling, VA, USA –Town of Amherst (The Town) has selected Infotech Enterprises America, Inc., through a competitive bid process, to develop a new base map including the acquisition of colour and colour infrared (CIR) imagery to produce orthophotos, capture of detailed planimetric features from that imagery, and the acquisition and processing of LiDAR data to assist in the development of new contour data.

This award is to deliver a high quality and detailed 1” = 40’ base map product to replace the base mapping data compiled in 1999. The original project included the Town, watershed land bordering Amherst to the east, and adjacent University of Massachusetts properties. The current project was justified by the need to capture data related to the 10 years of expansion of the University campus and the Town’s residential and commercial growth.