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Information Day held on GIS in Tunisia

Tunisia: Geographic information system (GIS) was the focus of the Information Day held in Tunis by the National Sanitation Office (ONAS). Aim of the event was to raise awareness of the strategies of development of the sanitation systems, to discover and assess the technological progress and the degree of efficiency of environmental actions, supported now by the GIS systems and new techniques.

On this occasion, Nadhir Hamada, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development stressed that Tunisia developed a coherent national strategy for GIS application in different fields through the creation of a unified repository for all operators and stakeholders in the management and spatial planning filed. It aims at developing digital information and exploiting the new working methods to obtain updated information on the environment, demographics, society and development sectors.

“Tunisia worked within the framework of this approach to develop a digital geographic database of information that enables stakeholders to manage the middle territory, preserve natural resources and ensure sustainable development,” said Hamada.

The Minister stressed the importance of these systems in the sanitation sector and the implementation of a specification that will enable ONAS to carry out plans to install sewer systems and development of new stations, programming contracts and monitoring objectives of the position of industrial enterprises.

Source: Tunisia Online News