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Information Builders and ESRI announce alliance

Information Builders, the enterprise business intelligence (BI) standard and ESRI have announced a formal partnership to more tightly integrate ESRI’s geographic mapping software with Information Builders’ business intelligence reporting software, which will simplify reporting solutions for organizations and government agencies. The combination will empower users to view additional layers of critical business information, delivering enhanced decision-making capabilities to users on the front lines.

With 35 customers, including First Financial Planners, Maryland Port Administration, and the United States Postal Service, already engaged over the past two years, Information Builders and ESRI have successfully provided organizations with strategic BI and GIS implementations to improve strategic decision-making capabilities. Unlike other BI vendors, Information Builders’ flagship WebFOCUS product complements the ESRI suite by extending reporting and analysis capabilities to mission critical legacy systems and applications still in use at many Fortune 2000 companies as well as state and local government agencies.

The partnership will integrate key reporting functions into business processes and deliver information to those inside and out of the organization by leveraging the data access capabilities of the world’s leading adaptor vendor, iWay Software. With the introduction of a new user interface, customers will also be able to pass data from map to report as well as reverse the process to drill down from report to map.