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Informatics Award lauded in Kuwait

KUWAIT: Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Informatics Award provides great incentive for Kuwaiti and Arab youths to make more achievements in the modern information technology, Honorary President of Kuwait Geographic Information Systems GIS-ESRI User Group (KGUG) Ahmad Al-Abdullah said.

The award, founded in 2001 and, was initially dedicated for individuals expanded to ministries and other public and private institutions in Kuwait and then it spread to other Arab countries,” Sheikh Ahmad told reporters here. Sheikh Salem, the sponsor and financer of the award, plays a pioneering role in promoting modern knowledge boom in Kuwait and the Arab world at large, ” he underscored.

Sheikh Ahmad voiced hope that the award would go global in the near future in a bid to reflect the modern picture of Kuwait and its rising international status in the world of information technology.

With over 60 percent of its total population being youths below the age of 20 who are users of information technology, Kuwait is unique in contrast to other world countries,” he noted.

The initiative of Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Informatics Award provides opportunity for the youths to learn more about the world’s latest achievements in the domain of information technology.

It brings into the limelight the talented youths and inventors, thus providing more care for them and enhancing the development of human resources, “he said, inviting the Kuwait and Arab youths to vie for the different categories of the award.

During the past seven years, the award highlighted some important issues such as traffic, drugs, education, and health. It also helped in increasing the number of computer and internet users in Kuwait. This led to the increase of Kuwaiti websites.

The total value of the prizes of the award increased to KD 100,000 which made it the top award in the Arab countries in this domain.

New categories were added to the award such as the categories of; general websites created by individuals, development projects, electronic education, and society institutions such as the sports clubs, charities, digital information and coops.

The award’s arbitration committee consists of five main judges from different Kuwaiti and other Arab institutions.