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Inforetech Wireless launches extended windows-based product line

Inforetech Wireless has announced the launch of its extended Windows-based product line.

Inforetech in the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando presented a full range of interoperable products that effectively break down barriers once faced by course owners and managers, making GPS available to all.

Three interoperable systems will be showcased at the PGA Show: a 10.4″ color screen cart mounted unit, a black and white 5.5″ screen hand-held unit, and a 5.5″ screen cart mounted unit, allowing golf courses to mix and match products under the same course management system. On the exhibitor floor visitors to the Inforetech booth will experience an innovative set of operational and technical capabilities, including a new look and feel to the handsets, with more user-friendly design features. Technical breakthroughs allow accessibility to Inforetech’s full product line permitting golf course owners and managers to purchase entry-level packages without RF networking and course management software, which are available as upgrades. The units employ a micro-controller based platform running a Windows CE operating system, compatible with the entire Windows family of operating systems. By utilizing Windows CE, course owners and managers can customize their software to create a distinct look to their Inforemer system, as well as perform system updates in real time.