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Infiniti Research announces the release of its new report titled -Geographic Information System (GIS) Market 2007-2010

Yvonne Herkemij, Director of Infiniti Research says “A trend towards ‘geographically enabled’ Business Intelligence (BI) applications is expected to drive the sales of location intelligence applications integrated with BI applications. In addition, enterprise data warehouses with location attribution are forecast to account for significant share of the market”.

Yvonne further says that “Driving sales of GIS applications are location-based services and increasing investments in improving customer service. It is furthermore very important to match marketing efforts with the needs of specific sets of customers to maximize effectiveness of sales”.

The report forecasts the market size of the GIS market over the period 2007-2010. Further, the total market is segmented into various geographic regions and verticals. The report also presents markets size for major countries in various regions. In addition, the report identifies key selling drivers of data center automation solutions for the major verticals.

This report can help IT vendors identify target geographies and verticals. Further, the identified sales drivers can be used to penetrate target vertical or increase current share of the customer’s wallet.

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