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Industry leaders deploy solution to enable dynamic rerouting

Pharos Science & Applications Inc, a provider of portable navigation and location-based services for mobile devices, and Tele Atlas, a provider of digital map data and dynamic location content, introduced the first commercially available application and service that leverages Tele Atlas’ map data integrated with its real-time traffic solution.

Tele Atlas’ comprehensive traffic delivery solution links nearly 350,000 traffic reporting locations to its turn-by-turn map database to enable more precise traffic incident and flow representation required for dynamic rerouting. By building its application with Tele Atlas’ data and dynamic content, Pharos can provide customers a solution that will help them avoid traffic situations while en route and will deliver more accurate estimates of travel times based on dynamic traffic conditions.

Ostia Smart Navigator has been awarded “Best of Innovations” in the Software/Embedded Technologies category at the International CES 2004.