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Industry leaders agree to common GML geolocation method for JPEG 2000

Leaders in JPEG2000 technology announced their endorsement of a common way to use GML schema for storing geo-location information for imagery, within the JPEG2000 format. This definition is an open manufacturer agreement, based on the proposal of Algo Vision LuraTech on GML inside JPEG2000, which has already been adopted as a part of the standard.

Geo-location information is used to define the image’s map projection, datum and extents.

Algo Vision LuraTech GmbH, Kakadu Software, Earth Resource Mapping and Morgan Multimedia have been actively involved in JPEG2000 since the very beginning and have a common market share of more than 60%. Ensuring that geo-location information is stored in a unified and non-proprietary way within JPEG2000 using GML (Geography Markup Language) is an important step for the geospatial industry.

The organizations have released a simple 3 page document explaining how to use GML to store geo-location information in JPEG2000 files. The document includes GML examples and a source code example to write JPEG2000 geo-location information. JPEG2000 developers wishing to ensure that geo-location is recorded in a consistent fashion can find the document at https://www.ermapper.com/jpeg2000/standards/JPEG2000_Geolocation.pdf.

The paper will also be introduced to the JPEG2000 ISO committee, as the definition makes GML part of the JPEG2000 file format. The definition was already provided by Algo Vision LuraTech to leading industry organizations including the European Union Satellite Center at the recent ISO conference on JPEG2000 in Madrid, Spain. The industry embraces this agreement between the largest and experienced JPEG2000 manufacturers, as interoperability is one of the major issues.