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Indonesia’s Geospatial Information Bill in final phase

Indonesia: Indonesia’s House of Representatives and all factions in the House Commission VII RI accepted  Geospatial Information Bill. The draft was prepared in 1990s and now, it reached in final phase.

Majority of the House of Representatives expressed their appreciation on the ratification of the bill as this will regulate the availability of geospatial information, not only in the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, but also within its Jurisdiction. “The application of the law on geospatial information will require the efforts of all parties, both the government and the parliament, to disseminate the substance of this Act to all stakeholders” stated a press statement by BAKOSURTANAL (national mapping agency of Indonesia).

After the ratification in the first phase, the Geospatial Information Bill will be submitted to the Parliament Plenary Meeting to be held on the 8th of April 2011 where it will obtain the final approval before the Parliament.

“The Geospatial Information Act is a pressing need for the development and support of Natural life in Indonesia” said Research and Technology Chief Suharna Surapanata.

Surapanata added this is to ensure the availability and widespread use of geospatial information for all Indonesian citizens and would also play a vital role in supporting the management of natural resources, citing that even though Indonesia’s resources are diverse and abundant, it is imperative that it is properly managed for the future and prosperity of the Indonesian people

Source: FutureGov & BAKOSURTANAL