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Indonesian school selects SuperGeo products

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies, GIS software and solutions provider, announced that the SMKN 4 Palangkaraya Senior High School, Indonesia, purchased SuperGIS serial products. With the help of this tool, the educators aim to utilise GIS technology to improve the education quality and innovation in geography.

The SMKN 4 Palangkaraya senior high school located in Kalimantan Province, Indonesia, decided to invest in GIS software to create a practical learning environment and arouse students’ interests in learning geographic knowledge and skills.

After having a consultation from the local reseller, Datascrip, the school purchased SuperGIS Desktop 3, Spatial Analyst, and GPS learning CD to establish a professional GIS platform to process a large amount of spatial data and to reach the educators’ teaching requirement. By using Spatial Analyst, the users can analyse spatial data in different perspectives and quickly obtain the required geospatial information.

Being a principle business partner in Indonesia, Datascrip serves a total geospatial solution to local businesses. SuperGeo and Datascrip believe that reliable software and service can not only help students develop the ability of data manipulation but also promote the instructional quality of geography. In the future, the two companies will constantly put in a great deal of effort to supply better satisfactions of GIS education.

SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 3.0 released

SuperGeo Technologies released SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 3 worldwide. The latest extension contains a number of spatial modelling and analysis algorithms and provides friendly user interface to help user effectively complete complicated spatial analysis tasks.

The latest version of SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 3.0 supports to import point, line, polygon, and raster data for some specific functions. Moreover, Hydrologic analysis is supported, including basin, fill, flow accumulation, flow direction, flow length, sink, snap pour point, stream link, stream order, and watershed. Consequently, users are allowed to perform the data in various formats and complete comprehensive spatial analysis.

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