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Indonesian ministry uses GIS for traffic management

Jakarta, Indonesia: The Directorate General of Highways (Bina Marga) at the Ministry of Public Works in Indonesia has teamed up with SuperGeo Technologies to enhance traffic development and transportation management in the country.

Since its establishment under the Ministry of Public Works, the Directorate General of Highways has been working to develop the local traffic and transportation with many reputed research institutes and professional organizations. For the same, the Directorate General of Highways has purchased SuperGeo’s desktop GIS software- SuperGIS Desktop 3 as well as mobile GIS software- SuperPad 3 to improve spatial data collection and management.

The new software gives field surveyors the ability to collect, measure, survey and display field highway data effectively. The surveyors no longer need to bring lots of paper maps to the field; instead they can complete the field tasks with the comprehensive GIS and GPS functions using the handheld device. Data accuracy and work productivity can also be increased.

The collected data can then be updated and further processed. The users in Directorate General of Highways can easily display, visualize, manage, and analyze the GIS data in the desktop GIS platform. Highway data can then be processed to better fit the user requests. The decision makers in the Ministry can therefore utilize the spatial information to assist the policy making process, aiming to improve traffic management and transportation development for Indonesia.

Source: Supergeotek