Indonesian Department of Health to deploy Cadcorp SIS-based GIS

Indonesian Department of Health to deploy Cadcorp SIS-based GIS


Stevenage, UK, November 30, 2007. Digital mapping and GIS software developer, Cadcorp, has announced that its business partner in Indonesia, Transavia Informatika Pratama, (TIP), has been awarded a significant contract by the Indonesian Department of Health.

TIP will supply a number of licences of Cadcorp SIS Map Modeller and Map Editor desktop GIS software to the Directorate of Community Health of the Indonesian Department of Health. TIP will also develop applications based on Map Modeller and Map Editor for use in mapping and analysing the distribution of health facilities and outbreaks of disease. The new GIS will also be used for tasks such as routing, buffering and map overlay and will interface directly to the Department’s existing database system.

The new GIS will improve the Directorate’s ability to effectively analyse and manage spatial data relating to health facilities and patterns of disease in Indonesia at the same time as minimising the software and administrative costs associated with this task.

“After going through the usual competitive tendering procedures, the Department of Health selected Cadcorp SIS because of its flexibility and its ability to read from and/or write to over 160 native GIS, CAD, graphics and database formats on the fly, without the need for additional translation or conversion middleware”, said Risyanto Suanda, business development manager, TIP. “Because there are already other GIS facilities in use within the Department, this capability of Cadcorp SIS will enable legacy spatial data to be used within the new GIS without difficulty and for it to link directly to the Department’s existing database system in order to avoid duplication of data”, he explained.

“We congratulate TIP on being awarded this important contract against strong competition from other GIS software developers,” said Mike O’Neil, managing director, Cadcorp. “It not only illustrates the importance to us and our customers of having highly qualified local business partners like TIP, but it also demonstrates the importance of openness and data interoperability that has always been a hallmark of Cadcorp SIS,” he added.

Transavia Informatika Pratama, (TIP), is a company within the Transavia Utama Group and specialises in the development and provision of solutions and services in the field of information technology and geomatics. The company is an approved business partner of Cadcorp and is responsible for the sale and support of the entire Cadcorp SIS family of desktop, web-based and developer digital mapping/GIS products throughout Indonesia.