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Indonesia to strengthen forestry management with GIS

Indonesia: The Forest Utilization Monitoring Center of Central Region, Indonesia (Balai BP2HP Wilayah XVIII Manokwari) plans to develop a forest and ecological GIS system and applied it on long-term ecological researches and sustainable forestry management. It has purchased SuperGIS Desktop 3 from the local reseller, Datascrip.
Located in West Papua, Indonesia, the Forest Utilization Monitoring Center has continually offered the job opportunities and promoted the commercial and sustainable use of the forest resources to meet the market demands. In order to improve the forestry productivity, SuperGIS Desktop 3 is applied to the forest and ecological GIS system to process the massive amounts of GIS data and to accomplish complex GIS tasks.     
Establishing a complete geographical information system of the forest industry is significant for organizers to make decisions on supporting sustainable ecology and forestry development. With powerful analysis functions, efficient editing capability, enhanced data processing performance, and customized GIS tools, SuperGIS Desktop 3 successfully fulfills the forest officers with different application requirements.   
Source: SuperGeo