Indonesia to launch two satellites in 2011

Indonesia to launch two satellites in 2011


Indonesia: Indonesian Institute of Aviation and Space Agency (LAPAN) will launch two satellites in the second quarter of 2011. The satellites named Lapan – A2 and Lapan – Orari are now in the process of design completion. Successful independent launch will mark a new era of national technology achievement in rocket and satellite technology.

“The satellite integration will be conducted entirely in Indonesia,” said Toto Marnanto Kadri, Head Aerospace Electronics Technology Centre, Lapan.

Toto explained, Lapan-A2 is designed to support disaster mitigation efforts through earth observations. The satellite can also be used to obtain information on natural resources, spatial and environmental factors. Another function of Lapan-A2 includes data collection of weather, ships navigation, transportation, education, healthcare and defence.

Lapan – Orari will support the Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization and in disaster mitigation efforts for Earth observation by remote sensing, land use, natural resources and environmental monitoring.

Lapan – A2 satellite will carry a digital camera to monitor ship navigation at sea, while the Lapan-Orari will be equipped with camera for remote sensing, as well as amateur radio, both for digital communication and analog communication.

Deputy Technology Aerospace Lapan, Soewarto Hardhienata said, restrictions on imports for rocket launching propellant raw materials is an obstacle for Lapan in owning a satellite orbit. “The import of the propellant is very restricted, and we need them in sufficient quantity to launch an orbiter satellite rocket,” he said.

Meanwhile, government increased the development and research fund for Lapan  to Rp 50 billion (USD 5 million) per year.

Source: JakartaUpdates