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Indonesia Gov to allocate land for sugarcane plantations

Jakarta, Indonesia: Indonesia government will allocate up to 300,000 hectares land for the expansion of sugarcane plantations and rehabilitate old mills to increase sugar production, according to The Jakarta Post report. Deputy Industry Minister Alex Retraubun said that 300,000 hectares would be offered to investors as part of the revitalisation of the sugar industry.

Benny Wahyudi, ministry’s director general of agriculture and chemicals, said, “We have received proposals from  45 companies to open new sugarcane plantations on around 300,000 hectares of land provided by the government.” He said that some of the proposals had been processed but others were affected by land disputes.

“We are mapping the appropriate areas for our new plantations and trying to resolve the land issues,” he said, adding that his ministry had worked closely with other institutions such as the Forestry Ministry, National Land Agency (BPN), and the Agriculture Ministry to do this.

Despite difficulties in clarifying land status in some cases, he hoped that the process of reviewing all these proposals could be completed soon.

Source: The Jakarta Post