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Indonesia envisages ocean mapping

Indonesia: Indonesia is planning to launch three expeditions in its waters to discover new findings on biodiversity and carry out ocean mapping this month.

“There will be three ships launched for the expedition, the BJ VIII, BJ III and BJ IV,” Gellwynn Jusuf, the Head of the Maritime and Fisheries Ministry’s Maritime and Fisheries’ Research Division (BRKP) said.
The expedition team aboard BJ III, called Java Upwelling Cruises, would cooperate with First Institute of Oceanography from China to carry out a research in the Indian Ocean, south of Java.

The BJ IV would cooperate with OKEANOS ship from the United States to conduct research in the Sangihe Talaud waters north of Sulawesi, while researchers from Indonesia, Australia and Timor Leste would conduct research in the Arafura Sea using the BJ VIII. Local institutions involved in the projects include the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), BRKP and the Technology Application and Assessment Agency (BPPT).

Source:  News Asia One