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Indonesia develops NSDI using cloud

Indonesia: Indonesia’s National Coordinating Agency for Survey and Mapping, BAKOSURTANAL, is taking its GIS initiatives to a whole new level by developing its National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) using cloud computing technology. This initiative aims to provide accurate and reliable geospatial information to government agencies and the general public.

In an interview with FutureGov, Dr. Asep Karsidi, Chief of BAKOSURTNAL, explained that at the moment BAKOSURTANAL is collaborating with Esri to develop Indonesia’s Spatial Data Infrastructure (Ina-SDI) using cloud. Cloud computing can provide seamless sharing of information between different agencies, and also provide various opportunities for BAKOSURTANAL to become more cost-effective, productive, flexible and efficient.

“In order to be spatially enabled, Indonesia will make spatial data acquisition complete on every scale as mandated in Indonesia’s geospatial Information Laws – thus the development of the Indonesian Spatial Data Infrastructure is very critical,” he said

“For the next three years we will continue to develop the NSDI to focus more on geospatial data and as well as build on capacity building for our human resources who will be custodians of our geospatial data.”

Source: FutureGov