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Indigo is making analysis ready sentinel radar data available on AWS

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Indigo and Amazon recently released a new source for analysis ready radar data.

David Potere, Head of GeoInnovation at Indigo said that when they realized that they needed radar data to better serve their customers at Indigo, instead of keeping their data pipes private, they reached out to their friends at Amazon. Together they took the entire processed Sentinel-1 ARD imagery record for the continental United States into the Registry of Open Data on AWS.

The Sentinel-1 mission is a constellation of C-band Synthetic Aperature Radar (SAR) satellites from the European Space Agency launched since 2014. These satellites collect observations of radar backscatter intensity day or night, regardless of the weather conditions, making them enormously valuable for environmental monitoring. These radar data have been processed from original Ground Range Detected (GRD) scenes into a Radiometrically Terrain Corrected, tiled product suitable for analysis. This product is available over the Contiguous United States (CONUS) since 2017 when Sentinel-1 data became globally available.

Now there’s a new, daily-revised 40 TB+ source for open radar data which is readily accessible for use. No super-massive compute budget is required. Last month Indigo employed this same feed to cover the Derecho storm that damaged more than 3 million acres of Iowa corn and beans.

Data are updated on a daily cadence for the dataset’s spatial domain (CONUS).