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Indian state’s Metro authority adopts 5D BIM system for monitoring projects

India: The Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation has implemented a new project-monitoring platform called 5D BIM, which is expected to save cost and reduce litigations from the twenty-thousand-crores-budget-projects implementing in Nagpur and Pune.

The 5D BIM or five-dimensional Building Information Modelling, which is a digital project management platform integrated with SAP, incorporates live project data into virtual models of the whole project.

It helps project managers simulate models that show how changes in design, construction materials and layouts can change the face of the projects for the better. The model incorporates three dimensions of Computer Aided Design (CAD) along time schedules and cost information.

Executive Director (Strategic Planning) of Maharashtra Metro, Ramnath Subramaniam, said that due to the use 5D BIM there would be significant savings in costs and time. Globally, the platform has helped reduce the project costs by about five to six per cent, he said.

The Nagpur Metro consists of 38 km of route and work is under progress on 22 km. Since stations are planned every one km, civil works for 22 stations are also being executed. The Pune Metro is still in the planning phase.

Managing Director of Maharashtra Metro, Brijesh Dixit, said the 5D BIM platform would enable Nagpur Metro to achieve improved construction quality, reduction in construction costs, a better understanding of the project design and bring in operational efficiency. The platform will also play a significant role in the asset information management during operations and maintenance of the metro system, he said.

Subramaniam added that in Nagpur project, the stations and viaducts are being built separately. Therefore, if the columns are being built, out of the design, then the platform will also give out alerts so as to prevent clashes with other sections of the project.