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‘India’s educational institutes on 3D geospatial map soon’

Chandigarh, India: Government of India (GOI) is keen to provide access of 3D geospatial information about colleges, universities and schools to parents sitting at home.  The pilot project has already been carried in Karnataka State and would soon be a reality, according to Kapil Sibal, Human Resource Development Minister, GOI. “As the future lies in geospatial technology, a parent or a student would be able to have a look at the classrooms, get information on the kind of education provided, infrastructure as well as other data pertaining to the institute sitting at his place,” he said while addressing the CII Edu Summit 2011 in Chandigarh, India.
Advocating the need for holistic approach to improve education and thus employability status in India, Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal today said here the 12th Five-Year Plan will look at providing free education from Class I to Class X. Currently, free education is available only till Class VIII.
He also announced the roll out of National Knowledge Centre that will connect 31,000 colleges over the next two years. “The knowledge centre will also provide 1,100 courses that have already been developed, to students free of charge. On the school education front, a National Mission of ICT has been set up and will use technology to the fullest,” he added.
Looking at an investment of INR 2.31 lakh crore in the education system, which shall definitely change the scenario in India in terms of improving infrastructure facilities in the schools, the minister said, “To start with, 35 dollar tablet computer will be launched and as a pilot 10,000 tablet computers will be made available at the university level by July 2011.”
The HRD Ministry has initiated the process of developing a National Vocational Education Qualifications Framework (NVEQF) and proposes industrial training courses in Class IX and X in specific subjects and sectors. “These subjects would be different for different schools and would be based on the geographical location and corresponding industrial requirements of the industry in that particular area,” he continued.
Source: Indian Express