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Indiana launches GIS building and site selection tool

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) in US recently launched a GIS powered site and building database on its new web site. This new economic development tool utilizes interactive GIS for statewide site and building searches. The site selection tool is part of the IEDC’s redesigned web site and will speed-up and simplify the process of business attraction and site selection for expanding and relocating businesses. IEDC is partnering with the Indiana Economic Development Association (IEDA) and the Indiana Business Research Center (IBRC). The IBRC is providing technical, data, and administrative support for the project, with the twin goals of advancing the technology for the site and ensuring that the content is updated and accurate. IEDC’s Web site provides startup and existing businesses with tools necessary to analyze the marketability of new locations around the state. Through the use of GIS users can quickly locate appropriate properties that meet their requirements in terms of size, features, and demographic and economic characteristics of the surrounding area.