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Indian univ set to strengthen academic tie with Canada

Shimla, India: To strengthen academic and cultural ties with Canada, India-based Himachal Pradesh University (HPU) is set to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Canada, according to Vice-Chancellor of the HPU, A D N Bajpai. The announcement was made after the lecture of Canadian high commissioner Stewart Beck – Global Knowledge: Engaging India – organised by Canadian studies development programme (CSDP).

Bajpai said “HPU has got strong departments of sciences & basic sciences besides law, management and social sciences departments. The university has lots to share on remote sensing, biodiversity, etc. Keeping in view the topographical, geographical and environment similarities, Canada and HPU have lots to share and will develop exchange programmes for students as well as look forward to developing certain modules for joint degree and collaborative research programmes.”

Stewart Beck said, “HPU has a potential to attract knowledge as it is blessed with congenial environment for research and extension. He said Canadian universities have signed MOUs with as many as 110 Indian universities for exchange programmes and about 20 vice-chancellors from Indian universities visited Canada for exchange of knowledge.”

He said Himachal Pradesh bears a striking similarity to British Columbia in west coast of Canada. “Knowledge of science and technology, climatic changes, environment and abundant biodiversity can be shared in a better manner. Consulate general Scot Slessor was also present on the occasion.

Source: TOI