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Indian town prepares GIS-based plan to address problems

Considering the serious threat to tiger population in the Satpuda region, experts have asked the government to think seriously before implementing any more land use change projects in the landscape to avoid further worsening of the situation.

Kishor Rithe, member, National Board for Wildlife (NBWL), accepted that the problem is serious and if ignored, may lead to worst-ever crisis.

“Farmers in region will suffer. Industrial development and infrastructure projects should not be set up without studying the GIS-based landscape management plan,” he said.

All the government agencies need to work in coordination while designing such a GIS-based plan which will help in decision-making regarding setting up an infrastructure project in the Satpuda landscape in Central India.

Rithe has urged the NBWL to discuss the issue of land use changes in the Satpuda landscape and list out priority areas for species conservation. He has stated that vital tiger corridors in Satpuda landscape, which link prime tiger reserves, are under threat from several projects.

Source: Times of India