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Indian telecom policy to emphasise on LBS


The government is studying the feasibility of giving value added service (VAS) providers access to information related to the location of a cellphone as a part of the National Telecom Policy 2011.

“Location-based service (LBS) is going to be part of content enablement under National Telecom Policy. It is important for VAS and everybody knows that VAS is going to be name of the game,” according to R Chandrashekhar, secretary, Department of Telecommunications. 

Once given a go ahead, the service has the potential to locate lost cellphones, tracking people anywhere in the country, by simply feeding the mobile number in a web application even if the handset is not GPS enabled.

The content enablement provision of NTP 2011, lays down the guidelines for VAS service providers for providing all kind of content over mobile phones like MMS, SMS, Alerts. The government is, however, contemplating how much information related to location of a mobile phone can be given out to public keeping in mind privacy issues and security concerns.

Source: Economic Times