Indian students win aerospace competition

Indian students win aerospace competition


India: Students of International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad have been ranked first at the NASA-sponsored international competition CANSAT-2010 which is designed to reflect, on a small scale, a typical aerospace programme.

Organised by American Astronautical Society, CanSat allows student teams from colleges and universities around the world to design, build and fly, according to the criteria spelled out the organising committee, an aerospace system called CANSAT. The competition features all aspects of an aerospace programme from the preliminary design review to post mission review, and is designed to reflect various aspects of real world missions, including telemetry requirements, communications, firmware programming, and autonomous operations. Teams are scored throughout the competition against real-world deliverables like schedules, design reviews, and flight demonstrations. The competition was held in Amarillo, Texas.

This year’s CANSAT mission (Egg Lander) required participants to fabricate a micro-satellite the size of a can (27cm long x 7cm dia) to carry one large raw egg of a hen intact, for the entire duration of the flight – from launch to landing and the descent had to be done without the use of parachutes. The rockets dropped the CanSat at a height of 1500 ft.  During the flight and descent, data was to be transmitted once every five seconds to a ground control station. The CanSat was required to land without damaging the egg.  

The Indian team was represented by Mission Gaganyaan, consisting of nine B.Tech students from IIIT-H and mentored by Professor K.S. Rajan. It edged out 13 other university teams that did the final flight demonstration out of a total of 19 teams.

Source: Our Correspondent